Roza Ipek Textile Industry and Trade Inc. has been active in the field of narrow woven production since 1998. While manufacturing mainly for textile, outerwear and underwear exporters, we started to produce strips for bed, armchair and sofa market as of 2012. Also, the company invested a budget on R&D studies of Tufting Band (tufting rope) and made the whole process of production automatized which was normally manufactured manually in bed, armchair and sofa industry. While the sub-structure of machinery and production facilities for tufting bands are being constructed for domestic producers, the patents of the products have been taken and the production volume reached to 15 million per month. We aim to increase our production facilities to manufacture more than 100 million pieces of products per month in order to meet the demands of domestic and foreign producers of bed, armchair and sofa.


We keep improving by trusting the innovative approach of ours and the common sense arisen from production advantages of our approach. 

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